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Lowa Mens; Durability & Comfort Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot

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Lowa Womens; Renegade II GTX Lo shoes

No Doubt these are The Best Hiking Shoes

Lowa’s footwear has the Best Hiking Boots for Men and the Best Hiking Shoes for Women. The workmanship is a step above it’s competitors. As you’ll see on this page and my About Page I have seen them in action in some very rugged terrain. Over my many years of Hiking the rugged mountains of Arizona, Especially the Sedona area. Which receives nearly 3 Million visitors per year, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many of these visitors that come into our town  by buses to see the Beautiful Red Rocks, and the Incredible Oak Creek Canyon adjacent to down town Sedona.

One of the things you notice as a hiker, are those people coming off these many buses and their footwear. Not only do you see their Footwear, but you get a pretty good idea which area they may be hiking . The Best Waterproof Hiking Boots usually head down to the fast moving Oak Creek, and it’s hiking paths. Not only is the best hiking boot seen here, but Best Hiking Sandals as well. Another words, with this many visitors coming to see the scenery you see a pretty wide gambit of Hiking Footwear. Many Professional Athletes, and Movie Stars are avid hikers, and are common place here.

I like to think with their monetary backgrounds, they surely spend Top Dollars researching the Best Hiking Shoes available. I started doing my first Hiking Shoes Reviews back in 1992 when I first visited Sedona, Arizona.  It was mostly by News Letters back then. Let’s talk about some of Lowa’s Great Features…

Features That Make  These The Best Hiking Shoes,  Leather Upper, Lightweight Midsole, and
Vibram Outsole

The Renegade’s nubuck leather upper securely holds the foot in place, reducing strain on the toes during downhill sections. Its Monowrap midsole technology reduces overall boot weight, while providing extra cushioning and lateral stability. A rugged Vibram outsole and thick, nonslip rubber lugs make these boots ideal for hiking, light backpacking, and other outdoor activities where you need traction and grip. This shoe is built on gender-specific, men’s and women’s lasts, for optimal fit and comfort.

Climate-Control Footbed Wicks Away Moisture

The Renegade boot features a climate-control footbed which keeps your feet cool, dry, and blister free. Perforations in the boot’s lining allow air to circulate and wick moisture away from your foot, minimizing friction and fatigue.

Waterproof GORE-TEX Keeps Feet Dry

Renegade boots with the GTX designation–including the Renegade II GTX LO and Renegade GTX Mid–feature breathable, waterproof GORE-TEX lining that reduces hot spots so your feet stay comfortable in warmer temperatures as well as cold, wet conditions. Renegade boots with the LL designation feature buttery-soft glove leather lining that molds to the contours of your feet for exceptional comfort.

Stabilizing Shanks and Derby-Style Lacing

These hiking boots feature a full-length nylon shank for extra stability on rugged terrain. Also, the derby-style lacing on the Renegade Mid boots ensures a customized fit for a wide variety of feet. That’s why you hear so often, they are the Best Hiking Boots for Women.

About LOWA

Handcrafted in Europe for nearly to 90 years, LOWA boots have been touted by climbers, mountaineers, and hikers as the finest outdoor boots in the world. That’s also why they’re Tops In Hiking Shoe Reviews.  LOWA incorporates thoughtful design and superb materials with clean, environmental manufacturing processes and fair labor standards. When you own a pair of LOWA’S you can be confident you’re wearing authentic outdoor footwear that “walks the talk” when it comes to quality, performance, and sustainability. That’s why Lowa with out a doubt are Best Hiking Shoes.


Please See the Manufacturing Process Below. You’ll quickly see why I have chosen Lowa as the Best Hiking Shoes. There are many Hiking Boot companies that try, but just don’t seem to stack up well against Lowa’s many  quality features and benefits. 

The Lowa Hiking Shoe, The Best Hiking Shoes for Women
Let me show you why I Give Lowa Such a Top Review, as you watch the Incredible Detail of their Manufacturing Process. Building Shoes & Boots Since 1923

Now you see the Great Construction of Lowa ” The Best Hiking Boots for Men, ” and no doubt with my research …” Best Hiking Boots for Women. “

Let’s look at some of the Personal Features that Lowa adds to each Boot & Shoe. Again that’s what makes them …. Best Hiking Shoes!

Flex upper Construction
  1. Free-Moving Hook for Deep Pull Lacing

2. Free-Moving Lace Parts

As you’ll see below in this video Less Pressure, More Comfort, More Trail Time.

2. Free Moving Lace Parts

A new, patented LOWA design, I-Lock is a simple cam lace loop placed at the top of the foot. It grabs the lace and holds it tight so the foot can be firmly held and supported while allowing for flexible shaft lacing. Pushing the hook clip upwards easily releases the clamping to loosen the instep lacing. Lowa I Lock Technology Video h

See Video here below  

  The I-Core carbon insert forms the intelligent core of the sole construction. A precise alignment of the carbon fibers with the lever arm achieves both perfect flex and torsional stability, for the better shock absorption and comfort

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My Second Choice for Best Hiking Shoes ….. Zamberlan

The Incredible Vibram Sole

Zamberlan Womens 996 Vioz GT Style

Zamberlan Womens 996 Vioz GT Style and Comfort

Zamberlan Men’s 996 Vioz GT Hiking Boot

100% Leather Imported Rubber sole A Zamberlan Hydrobloc® full-grain leather upper with straight-forward and effective design sits atop an exclusive Zamberlan Vibram® 3D outsole providing excellent grip, superb downhill braking, wide lugs for easy debris removal, and an energy producing, rock-forward motion As with all Zamberlan soles, the Zamberlan Vibram® 3D soles are re-solable Gore-Tex® Performance Comfort membranes provide the utmost protection and breathability while the Microtex® wicking nylon collar lining helps control excess moisture around the ankle The ZFS (Zamberlan Flex System) allows the boot to very comfortably flex forward without compromising support laterally Handcrafted in Italy. It’s easy to see why these make my Best Hiking Boots for Women along with the Best Hiking for Men top Two List.

Best Hiking Shoes Care & Cleaning

Leather Honey Cleaner    rating 4 ½ of 5 star 1084 reviews

Leather Honey Conditioner         rating 4 ½ of 5 star 5000 reviews

Leather Care and Cleaner are the two Most Important Factors In Best Hiking Boots for Men and Best Hiking Boots for Women. Certainly don’t forget Best Waterproof Hiking Shoes.

I want you to keep in mind, when I’m doing Hiking Shoe Reviews, or Trail Hiking Shoes. I have had all of these bus loads of Hikers coming to Sedona, that makes it much easier for me to gather all of this information for you.

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I was astounded by the Power of the Lowa i-lock cam loop ability to hold my Trail Hiking Shoes Laces in place……

LOWA i-Lock
Mogollon Rim Hike, I was glad I had the Lowa Hiking Boot with i-Lock

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