Lowa’s Incredible Gripping Soles, Even in Water!

Darrel here. I know the Best Hiking Boots for Men, and the Best Hiking Shoes for Women. Why, because having lived in Sedona, Arizona, a very rocky and mountainous area. I know the many Hiking and Fishing locations very well there. So I have self experience with intermediate to rugged trails. Some smooth surfaces, most very rocky, but beautiful. Some almost straight up, some almost straight down. So I know Hiking Shoe Reviews very well.

Most of all I’ve been able to to witness which is The Best Hiking Boots for kids, and the Best Hiking Sandals, first hand. You see having nearly Three Million visitors a year arrive in Uptown Sedona, many on Large Buses. It’s not hard to notice their footwear as they walk off the many buses.

I’ve had so many of the Hikers ask me to take their cameras and snap photos of them with the beautiful Red Rock background. This is why I spend so much time uptown. It’s a great place for making Hiking Shoes Reviews.

Of course I’m out on the trails keeping healthy hiking each week, as is my family, noticing the Best Shoes for Hiking. Fortunately we are able to chat with the visitors as they take breaks along the trails. It’s very easy to introduce yourself as a local, matter of fact a lot of us wear those shirts that say we’re local. So lots of hikers ask us about the area trails, stores, and the night life. In return we ask about their Best Shoes for Hiking.

One of the first shoes I reviewed was Salomon Hiking Shoes. They are a close second to Lowa. We’ll review soon. They are also one of the Best shoes for Hiking.

I’d like to tell you about the Lowa’s outstanding sole. With two crystal clear streams in Sedona, the Middle Fork that runs from the mountains east to the main larger stream, Oak Creek. You’ll no doubt cross both on the trails, mostly in shallow areas. So Lowa’s Best Waterproof Hiking Boots Vibram Soles will hold a firm grip on the wet rocks, while keeping your feet dry.

The Incredible Vibram Sole was worn in the First successful ascent in 1954 to the summit of K-2 made by an Italian expedition wearing Vibram soles.

Vibram Sole, Slip resistant, long lasting, comfortable, and with abrasion resistance

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If you’ve read my home page, it’s appearant Zamberlans are a very nice choice for number two in Hiking Shoes Reviews!

Zamberlan also has the Top of the line Vibram Sole
The Famous Vibram Sole, Included with the Zamberlan Boot and Shoe
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